Bridal Makeup FAQ’s

Q: Do you come to me?

On your wedding day, I will come to you and bring everything needed (depending on the location) so you won’t have to worry about anything. I can come to your hotel, the church, your home or wherever you get ready on your wedding day.

Q: How long does it take?

Generally about 40 minutes per person with a little more time needed for the bride. The average time it takes to do an entire wedding party is 3 1/2 hours for three bridesmaids, bride and mom. It is recommended that the bride be finished about 30 to 45 minutes before the photographer arrives. I also recommend having your hair done before makeup in case there is any hairspray residue etc. we can remove it so it won’t affect your flawless look.

Q: Do you have makeup for my complexion?

Absolutely, skin is skin and I am very lucky to have the opportunity to work with all types of people, ethnicities and different backgrounds.

Q: I really want to try eyelashes…what do you think?

Usually, I do not recommend full lashes unless you wear lashes every day, you will find them cumbersome and awkward to wear and when you start tearing up. I can fill in very thin lashes with the individual lashes but I don’t recommend a full set. It would however depend on your individual circumstances and I would be happy to try them with you during your trial run to see if you feel comfortable wearing them.

Q: What products do you use?

As your makeup artist, I will choose the products that best suit your complexion and needs. All of the products I use are professional quality and are highly pigmented to last all day. Some products I use are from Laura Mercier, NARS, MAC, Chanel, Napoleon Perdis and Inglot.

Q: Will I look too done up?

No, just because products contain more pigment doesn’t mean you will look overdone, I can accommodate whatever look you are going for whether it’s natural, just like you only better or a more WOW look. You and I will decide together what will work best for the time of day, your dress and style, and personal preferences.

Q: How much do you cost?

Prices depend on the size of the wedding party, the day and location of the wedding. Pricing is reflective of my training, experience, travel time, cleaning and sanitizing and preparing products, product replacement costs, and actual labor time.

Q: Do you offer a trial?

Yes, I will come to you. The consultation is up to one and a half hours long and we will discuss your wedding colors, access your skin care needs, select colors and design a look just for you. It is recommended to schedule your trial before you go for bridal portraits or going out for the evening so you can see and feel how nicely the makeup will hold up for you throughout the night.

Q: Do I have to do a trial to book you?

Absolutely not, it is nice to be able to meet you ahead of time and makes you feel more comfortable with me, but if you are out of town and can’t make it is fine for you to book your makeup with me, even if we haven’t had a trial.

Q: Can I afford a professional Makeup Artist?

You are spending a lot of money on a photographer and flowers and clothes, having makeup professionally applied will ensure that your photographs will look the best they possibly can. Even if your makeup looks beautiful every day, makeup for photography is different and the products used are different. With over seven years of bridal makeup experience you can rest assured that I will bring out your best. You will also have the added benefit of being able to relax and get pampered on your wedding day, which will make your wedding even more special and memorable.

General FAQ’s

Q: Is mineral makeup a good choice for people with very dry skin?

A: Powder cosmetics tend to settle in dry spots, so it’s best to choose cream powders, eye shadows and blush. But if people still want to give mineral makeup a go, they can use a deeply hydrating moisturizer first. Try applying the powder with a brush for the most natural-looking coverage. This will also minimize dryness.

Q: Do you have any tips on making thin lips look fuller?

A: Thin lips occur due to lack of collagen. Some women naturally have less collagen than others, and many lose collagen as they age. To make lips look as plump as possible, avoid dark lip colors, which have a minimizing effect, making lips look smaller. Top your lip color with a shiny gloss; it will reflect light and make lips look bigger. Finally, create dimension by lining lips with a lip pencil one shade deeper than lipstick.

Q: When should people throw out mascara?

A: After three months, it’s time to toss mascara. But if the mascara smells funny or its texture has changed, no matter how long it’s been, throw it out. Also, avoid pumping the mascara wand because this lets dry air in and invites bacteria, spoiling the product faster and increasing the risk of infection.

Q: What’s the best way to store brushes?

A: At home, it’s fine to keep brushes in a jar. But when traveling, keep brushes in a separate bag or container so they don’t get ruined. People can also purchase a brush roll, which contains a separate slot for each brush and rolls up when they’re on the go.

Q: What is a makeup primer?

A: When foundation is applied directly to the skin, it can sink into fine lines or large pores, accentuating these concerns. By first adding a makeup primer (also known as a foundation primer), these spaces are filled in so that foundation goes on smoother, creating a more even complexion. Primer is also my first step in creating the flawless face and keeps your makeup lasting all day.